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The books "VALCELLINA" in B / N and "Valcellina, la Strada della Luce" in color were born on two occasions that made history and marked the development of Valcellina.
1992: inauguration of the viaduct on the Cellina and the tunnel under the Fara mountain connecting Montereale with Barcis.
2014: inauguration of the Ravedis dam and the homonymous lake which, like a true Norwegian Fjord, creeps up, side by side with the road, up to the old Barcis dam in the Forra della Molassa.
VALCELLINA IN B / W I made it in film with the rigorous analogue process. I say strictly because with the film there were no sophisticated digital processing software and the only possibility of intervention to improve the photo was a manual work and temperature of the development baths in the darkroom. The photos in this book were printed on Kodak paper in 30x40 cm and then scanned and transformed into the four CMYK printing films.
Processes for each of which existed a profession: artisan photographer, photolithist, photo composer and montagista and the typographer.
The value of this book is in having wanted to capture, in that "forced" isolation, far from the frenetic development of those years, the importance of an all-human feeling that characterized the way of life with and for nature in the 1980s / 1990.

VALCELLINA THE ROAD OF LIGHT narrates instead the tormented Beauty of the ravines of the Forra della Molassa and the dynamics between man and a harsh and wild nature in the effort to create a way of communication with the outside suitable for the early years of 900 that required displacements of people and faster goods.
A book of photographs and tales of valleys who somehow crossed their lives with this road, either for work or for disgrace and they came out well.
Visual emotions and narratives together, a new formula to try to transfer emotions from a canyon that from Montereale leads to Longarone through the Vajont, with another gorge and another story.

MANIAGO, HAND MADE STORIES. It is the story told through images with touching tales of some of the most significant families of the Maniago FACTORY ART.
My and Romeo's intent was to bring out the importance of craftsmanship, the value of dexterity and the human value that, in this case in the Maniago knives can be said, is intrinsic to the product itself.
Despite the considerable technological development of the last 10 years, the Artisan workshops preserve signs and symbols imbued with sentiment and human value.

Ruggero Lorenzi: VALCELLINA B/W


Ruggero Lorenzi: HANDMADE TALES