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Signs, signals, emblems, brands are essential to our civilization, they are an expression of rationality: they regulate relationships and facilitate social communication; if a signal tells us to turn right it does not need other explanations, while a symbol connects us with a psychic dimension of which our authentic self needs. The symbols are useful for our psychological and spiritual growth, which has nothing to do with faith in any religion, but with the functions of knowledge, intuition and creativity. In reality, all those things or living beings or situations we are wondering are "why is this so?" and we are not satisfied with the simple explanations and answers received. If we stop asking ourselves "why is this?" Of everything, or person, or situation, we live by what others think, say and do.
In each symbol you perceive an "Beyond" something you feel the need to know because you already have it inside and just wait to exist (ex-sistere = to pull out).
Very often it happens to be in front of something wonderful and to feel attracted by an uncontrollable beauty and energy but the word is missing for the index.

"Everything began to exist thanks to the word, and all that exists
nothing could come into existence except through the word ". John 1,3

Words, for us, are things (forms) and things are the words (symbols) that indicate them: we perceive and desire only what they can indicate while we do not notice many things, forms of life and desires to which our language has not yet found a word.

What does this mean?
It means that we photograph only what has a word, of reality, that is, we photograph only what we know and know, extended to everything.
It means that we only want what is indicated by a word. Many things that we perceive do not have a word that indicates them and therefore ?.

The appearance of a symbol is understandable to us, has a form, we can see it, touch it, hear it, describe it but not so its content for the reason that this content is of the same substance as something that is already inside us, right inside our authentic self (not the social ego that we show around every day)
"What a symbol contains is what it sees in us".
That is, the energy we need to grow and to know if I weave, gives us the connection with the symbols; but it must be noticed and very often it does not happen. Those who succeed will draw energy from everything and find themselves living in a very different way from those who are easily satisfied with the explanations of others without wondering about anything, or person, or situation "why is that?" And "what does it mean?" .

You take pictures to discover yourself, make art to discover yourself. It seems a paradox but the "truth of reality (things)" is what someone in us sees.
The task of photography and art in general is to make what you see exist, giving shape to what does not have a word.

Someone in us who?
I do not know exactly, but it is certainly a still unknown dimension of the human psyche. Now I feel only to indicate it as the "wisdom" of divine origin,
which uses knowledge: that is, of the creation, of the will and of the making of the human being to give it a form (in heaven, on earth).