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Friuli Dolomites

The Friulian Dolomites (also called Dolomiti d'Oltre Piave or Catena Duranno-Monfalconi-Pramaggiore) are a group of mountains of the Carnic Prealps that includes the mountains at the extreme west of the province of Udine and those of the province of Pordenone. the upper Tagliamento river to the north, the Cellina stream to the south, the upper Val Piave to the west and the upper valley of the Meduna east.
The Friulan dolomites are under the protection of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. The predominant landscape is that characteristic of the Carnic Prealps, with narrow and long valleys that penetrate between peaks and dolomitic towers. The area, due to its harshness and severity, is a favorite destination for mountaineers, hikers and nature lovers who are still wild.
The Friulian and Oltre Piave Dolomites were included in the list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage on June 26, 2009.

Another oasis under the protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the FVG region are the MAGREDI, an area of ​​the western Friuli plain, located at the point of the high plain where the waters of the Cellina, Colvera and Meduna streams sink into the aquifer. In this place there are great varieties of flora and fauna. "Magredo" comes from the local Friulian "lean land", that is arid and water-poor due to the presence of stones, even if the precipitation regime makes Friuli-Venezia Giulia the wettest region of Italy. In summer the dry meadows of the Magredi appear bleak and burned by the Sun, defining a landscape similar to some desolate lands of the south or the continental steppes of Eastern Europe.

Friulian Dolomites



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