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Friuli Venezia Giulia Photography Prize 2016 to Carlo Spaliviero

Carlo Spaliviero was born in 1964 in Tarvisio, doctor of pharmacy, begins his photographic as a correspondent of the newspaper Messaggero Veneto of Udine in 1979, while studying the naturalistic pictures and publishing activities together with other photographers the book "A three-country road". In 1984, living for a year in Venice where he attended the courses of "History of Photography" by Italo Zannier. Later she participates in numerous seminars in photography taken by photographers such as Gianni Berengo Gardin, Angelo Cozzi, Raymond Depardon and many others. After working for a long time in an advertising photographic studio in Udine, he chose to devote himself to the reportage in black and white. He begins to travel a lot by implementing a personal research on the different realities of the countries visited, from which comes the exhibition "Kids", presented for the first time in 1989 and then expanded and became "children Universe", and exposed to Trieste, Udine and Tarvisio. Encouraged by this experience decided to make a social reportage on the mentally ill and, for this purpose, working for seven months to 'Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste, which will lead to the realization of the book "Trieste asylums".
In this period he also goes in the 'island of Leros, Greece, to document the plight of the local psychiatric hospital Child, presenting the result of this experience in the "First Exhibition of Contemporary Photographers Friuli Venezia Giulia" organized by CRAF in Spilimbergo in 1991, in the exhibition "Beyond the dark stars" in Tolmezzo and in the exhibition "in the eyes of those who can not speak" in Tarvisio.
 "Made in China" is the exhibition which is being presented for the first time in Venzone and is the story of a lengthy report in black and white made in the Asian country. Between 1995 and 1997 Carlo Spaliviero travels several times in the Middle East to achieve a work on these countries, here comes the exhibition "Israel".
In recent years Carlo Spaliviero has traveled extensively, from Mongolia to photograph the Hunters' festival with the eagles, to 'India for Holli (festival of colors), in Bahrain for the' Ashura, in Bangladesh for drug addicts and Africa to witness the end of AIDS.
"I arrive later on tiptoe, shooting and go home ... no you must notice me.
The world is big, and the journey continues ......

Bangladesh e India