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"Romano Martinis embodies the photographic loyalty and that there is no person more than he accanisca to pursue its humanities research through the personal commitment in respect of the other. His care in the return of the real is always exemplary and goes hand in hand with quiet courage. Sa also face brutal circumstances without departing from its calm and its consciousness. It is a true citizen of the world, attentive and fraternal love, which bears his testimony with heart and precision. It is a constant need effectively and to him that the honor goes my great admiration. I am convinced that everybody who sees his images share these my ideas. "(C.H. Favrod)

Romano Martinis was born in Udine in 1941.

He began as a freelance photographer in 1968 and as a professor of photography in 1974
(first of all '"American School Forum of Rome, then the European Institute of Design and all'
Italian Academy of Costume and Fashion). Founding member of the agency "Document for Press'
of the photojournalistic "Nadar", in 1995 he was a photographer for "Letter 22 Agency
Journalism "(Diary, Poster, Paper, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, etc..). She has made multiple
trips to Afghanistan, in conflict areas of Herat, Shindand, Farah, Bakwa, Bala Murghab.

Numerous solo exhibitions (Udine, 1972, Rome, 1975, Salemi, 1984, Bogota 1994
Copenhagen 1995 Genoa 1995 1997 Padua, Rome, 1998, Turin-Salerno, 1999, Rome
2001 Arezzo, 2002, Poznan, 2003, Tirana, 2003, 2005 Gorizia, Udine 2008, Berlin, 2009,
Bucharest in 2010, Florence, 2011, Trieste 2011) and participation in collective relief (Milan,
Prague, Los Angeles, Managua, Trieste, Turin, Ljubljana, Florence).

He has published several volumes and portfolio among which we highlight Gesture General, with
foreword by G. Bartolucci (1978), The Eritrean resistance, with a preface by L. Low (1978),
Cricot 2 (1982), Tor Viscose (1988), Tadeuzs Kantor Crikot 2, with a preface by C. Henri
Favrod and A. Perilli (2000), The frozen time, with a preface by A. Scarpellini (2002), Ojective:
People's World (2003), Friendship (2008).

In 2001 he was awarded the prize for photography Spilimbergo.

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