Art. la strada della luce


Can a road change the souls and destinies of men?
Inaugurated in 1906, at the service of the system of dams and power stations that brought electricity into the Veneto and Friuli plains, illuminating the marvels of Piazza San Marco, Venice, the old Valcellina road has brought out this territory of the Pordenone mountain from a tunnel of millennial isolation, changing economies, habits, mentality.

Until 1992, the year of its dismantling, this bold road work was the lifeblood, daily bread and geographic unconscious for thousands of villagers who have traveled for work and necessity. It was surprise, excitement, adventure for the many travelers who have had the fate of being captured by those ten kilometers of subjugating enchantment, in a gorge among the most spectacular in Italy and in the Alps.

Today, in front of a new crossroads and perhaps destined to a cycle touristic use, the "road of light" still has many stories to tell us. We offer some of them in this book, a fabric of images and words: it is a photographic narration by Ruggero Lorenzi that goes through a lost past and sketches a future to be invented. They are memories of life lived, accompanied by Romeo Pignat who testify how a place can become and remain deeply part of us. A story about the old tavern Da Toni, in the locality of montciauda, ​​by Mauro Corona, completes the experience of emotions and events that took place along the valley.

The old road has been restored and, according to the plans, will soon be practicable for tourist use, at those human speeds impressed by the feet and the pedals. Even the lake, at least in the imagination, can be navigable: it is not difficult to close your eyes and see silent electric boats, like the Croatian ones of Plitvice, or a canoe and pedal boat festival, as in the Provençal Gorges du Verdon. The old road of Valcellina awaits new life flows, new habits of passage, new tourism ideas.

Photographs by Ruggero Lorenzi
Texts of Romeo Pignat from direct testimonies
Tale of Mauro Corona


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