Ruggero Lorenzi: VALCELLINA B/W

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Book published some years ago, but today, particularly significant because it is the testimony of the last link between man and nature, with mutual influences, before the construction of the viaduct and the new tunnel under the mountain Fara which resulted in a new stage in the development of the Valley. We are in 1992.
"... The atmosphere of that land soon began to stare into my eyes just in the eyes of Roger Lorenzi, at rates that are made emblematic mao hand that his imagination has imprinted in the consciousness ... then tried to define these appearances with the congenial click of photography, which has become a well-preto genuine need for reflection, expression and storytelling. "
(Ph. Ruggero Di Lorenzi - text by Italo Zannier)


Tags: andreis, barcis, cimolais, claut, cows, erto, hay, houses, malghesi, mountain architecture, mountain pordenonese, pasture, prehistory carniche, ricotta, traditions, valcellina, via crucis, villages, water, woodsmen, work in the fields