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myPHOTOZONE is a place where art is made, photography is taught and philosophy is discussed with the aim of cultivating and stimulating knowledge and the ability to imagine, create and think.
Using thought well and independently is not as easy as it seems. According to C.G. Jung are few who use thought and many do nothing but repeat the same paths and the same patterns. Our lives seem active or at times reckless, but they are a repetition of models acquired and oriented by someone else: family, environmental context, region and state, civilization.
The basic question to be addressed is this: first of all it is a matter of re-establishing the inner connection with one's own authenticity in order to look at reality in a different way from what they have always wanted and want to show us.
It is a matter of re-activating the function of inner communication, interrupted by a one-way vision of economic and social development: supported by the interest of those who "wanted" this model of civilization and made this type of world that "does not he wants "authentic individuals: creative, intelligent, autonomous, in empathy with nature and with man. He wants approved and obedient people.
Fortunately, for some years now, in parallel and increasingly felt, a new energy is being born, a new vision of the world and of man is emerging. The trial is underway.
It is about "Looking" with your own eyes and not just seeing what others are looking at.

The effort and intent of myPhotoZone is to teach you to use your mind and to look with your own eyes in search of your talent and expression.
We start here to learn how to acquire your authentic personal language and free your imagination.
We start from here to discover other photographic languages ​​other than those validated by the "system".
We start from here to broaden the limits of your mental horizon.

How do you reach a personal approach in photography?
Even if you have already acquired the technique and rules of composition, the answer is not obvious, as it might seem. With the development of digital devices and the evolution of members, the idea that "everyone is a photographer" is widespread today. This is why I believe that the "expert photographer" now has the opportunity to focus more and more on his own vision.
Maybe you have never noticed the limits of your gaze, you have never decided what the horizon of your gaze is, you have never noticed that you do not look with your own eyes but see what others have looked at. It is a very personal journey, not only of technique, on the contrary, techniques are subordinated to the recognition and research of your authentic way of seeing things.
For you, the world is what you have seen and know about the world. But the world has two authors: the first is you and then there is that of the others.
The really big problem is when you let others decide your world: that is, you see what others see.

The Blog was created with the aim of addressing this delicate and important topic of personal growth and photographic language.
It is not so immediate and, for many, it is like learning a foreign language in a foreign country.
In the Blog I will try to explain why being authentic has become so difficult in our civilization.

Other advantages of myPhotoZone:
• EDITORIAL PROJECTS, creation of books, thematic e-books and photography exhibitions.
• WORKSHOP individual training to contribute to personal and cultural growth.

Sign up for myPhoZone if you are dissatisfied with how this civilization treats the individual trying to reduce us like zombies.

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