How to photograph the invisible.

the revolution in looking

MyPhotoZone is a collection of my works and is the laboratory of my passion for photography and expressive research. Here I collect the fruits of my experience but since the soil is still fertile, I feel the need to cultivate even more precious seeds: the apples of the tree of knowledge: does it remind you of something? They are the Prohibited Fruits, too precious they say, reserved only for the Gods; but about sixty we feel closer to the Gods than to humans: the dialogue becomes interior, you listen and talk with that part of you that you have always neglected. Start looking with different eyes: see things that you did not see before and do things you did not do before. You connect yourself with a larger dimension and beyond your ego you know: enter the apple tree garden. You look at the world from the outside, inside but outside and you understand the games, but unlike the spirit of competition, with which we have been educated, you do not care to win or get first. The game that matters is your inner game, in search of your authenticity and your Truth.
Here we must / must win.
If during this game of growth and search for beauty something concrete and intelligible is produced then happiness is complete, the epiphany of your life is fulfilled.
That's what I try to do, with the help of my invisible teachers (we'll talk about them again).

Following the intent of myPhotoZone and Blog deepening:

A) How do you reach a personal approach in photography? Even if you have acquired the technique and the rules of composition, the answer is not obvious at all, as it might seem. With the development of digital devices and the evolution of social media the idea that "everyone is a photographer" today is very widespread and interesting, so I believe that the "professional photographer" now has the opportunity to focus more and more on his own If you are an expert photographer, a little resentful you could say to me: what do you say, I already have my own vision, as a photographer I do not do anybody!
Maybe you've never noticed, but this is only partly true and on one condition: that you see the world with your eyes and not with those of others. It is a very personal journey, not only of techniques, on the contrary, the techniques are subordinated to the recognition and research of your authentic way of seeing things. The world for you is what you have seen and know about the world. But the world has two authors: the first is you and then there is that of others (they call it the collective conscious). The really big problem is when your world lets you decide to others: that is, you see what others see. The blog was born with the intent to address this delicate and important topic of personal growth and photographic language. Photography uses light instead of ink, light illuminates (makes visible) reality and through it the Truth (invisible): that which your authentic Self sees within you.
It is easy but it is not immediate and the Blog is the place where I will try to explain why it has become so difficult, telling my path.

B) To promote the Beauty of the Dolomites Park, (UNESCO World Heritage), its landscapes, its silences, the mountains, the villages, the huts, the refuges and the charm that these uncontaminated spaces, that know of sacred and symbolic, arouse towards the sublime, towards something higher than us, which attracts alpinists, walkers and lovers of a life more in contact with nature. Experienced photographers who feel quivered by the desire to participate in the intent of photographing the wonders of the Dolomitic landscapes, through their personal way of seeing and interpreting nature and man, are welcome. Day and night. All photoshop techniques and interventions are allowed as long as they are performed with aesthetic sensitivity. In a second phase, when the material collected will have sufficient qualitative and quantitative consistency, we organize photographic exhibitions and workshops to talk about photography as an expressive and communication tool, to make culture and promote our territory. For each author selected for originality and sensitivity, is dedicated (for free) a page with his photo, his profile and his photos.
Write to: info@ruggerolorenzi.it
The best message we can leave to the world is the marvelous beauty of Nature and Man, certainly not wars, exploitation and destruction.

C) Under the menu item ART WORK you find my permanent exhibition of photographic works. It is an unprecedented language, which in the moments of greatest introspection or crisis I have always loved and practiced without other objectives than the experimental-expressive one of research. The photographs, taken, elaborated and materially prepared in the house almost with obsessive insistence, follow a vein that I have called: SIGNS and SYMBOLS: the signs of man or of civilization - the signs of nature - the signs of the unconscious -
My artistic interest is the expression of the effort to give answers to the meaning of a sign: when it ceases to be indicative to become symbolic making us enter into connection with something else that we feel the need because we are missing. It is a conjunction.
Something that "is" but does not yet exist (that is, we do not see), but to which we tend (we will discuss it even further).

D) Reportage. I dedicate this space to some friends photographers, reporters and travelers without prejudice and in full freedom of interpretation. With the idea that their photos can serve to reflect on the conditions of humanity and the barbarities of wars and be of help to those who want to do it as a profession.
Now there is no place on earth that has not been reached and photographed but the great opportunity is the WAY OF WATCHING THE FACTS OF THE WORLD, giving space to its authenticity, its vision of reality, opposed to fashions, to the interests of the media and attempting to homologate Western thought.
To reach this goal satisfactorily you have to go through point A that I put specifically at the beginning. Let the world go round in circles, it is important that you leave this collective joust and become author, director and actor of yourself. Do not be in a hurry, the only thing you absolutely must do is work on your identity

Important note:
All photos in myPhotoZone, published by the authors or those who want to start participating with their own work, will be marked with the watermark (digital signature of the author) and are protected all the rights, of which, the authors, remain the unique owners. The primary purpose is not the commercial one. Only in the case of a specific request will I agree with the author for the possible sale permit and the relative fee. MyPhotoZone reserves the right to promote and advertise the site both online and in paper form with the photographs it deems most appropriate, citing the author. The photos should be prepared by the authors in the format of: 1200 px (long side) at 72 ppi - RGB color profile

For information write or call: info@ruggerolorenzi.it - ​​348 4029901 or visit the website www.myphotozone.it If you feel a spontaneous empathy send an email with some photos to open a comparison certainly useful for growth.
If you consider this approach to work interesting and my desire to make a leap in the way of looking at reality, send a message: is more intimate and personal than a Like.

I am grateful to you.
Ruggero Lorenzi



On request I realize:

• Still Life photography with setting
• Catalog photography on a white background
• Portraits of single persons
the novelty is the emotional interaction with the subject
in order to bring out authentic moods

I organize photography lessons,
individual or max 2/3 people:

They are personalized lessons, not only technical but with a strong focus on vision, on the look.
It is the most effective formula, with the possibility of actually working on still life or outdoor photos by tackling specific topics. To find out more, visit the LESSONS page.
For any other specific information fill out the registration form below or write to.

OPPORTUNITY for new photographers:
Hire or sell lights: 2 flash generators + 2 flash lamps Broncolor + 1 spot torch (with two tripods) + 1 50x100 soft box for photographers who want to practice still life, industrial photography or portraiture.

For information call: 348 4029901
Write to: info@ruggerolorenzi.it