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Registration is free. The goal is to create a "group of dreamers" with the material of which can contribute to the spread of photographic culture.
With myPhotoZone we cultivate love for photography and impart training in all its aspects: aesthetic, poetic, technical, compositional.
I am a photographer for 30 years; entrepreneurial experience and artistic, with the creation of exhibitions and the publication of books. Now I'm a freelancer and I dedicate myself to publishing, the art projects and training of young people.
I know how he feels a photographer, we are shy but ambitious, we like the beautiful, we are unconventional, sensitive, we follow an inner voice that tells us what to do and when we leave, we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world while taking part emotionally through ' framing and shooting of the final photograph.
We are selfish when shooting to defend us from mundane interference of the company and generous in relation to nature and man that we feel the spiritual singers.
Propose yourself as a partner and participate (it's free) to the project myPhotoZone, you have your own space for personal profile, high visibility and cultural and vocational opportunity not to be missed.
MyPhotoZone multiplies the potential use cultural and commercial center of your pictures.
Today, with the new media, it is possible and desirable culturally to share their photographic works best.

Ruggero Lorenzi