Teatro di Kantor


The Centenary presents an outdoor photo exhibition of Tadeusz Kantor
`s theatre works and screenings of 3 performances of Cricot2 Theatre.

 Photography kills people – exhibition of theatre photos by Romano Martinis. In 1969, Romano Martinis became the first stage photographer to document Tadeusz Kantor’s theatrical work. Their collaboration lasted for twenty years, until Kantor’s death. Due to their completeness and quality, Romano Martinis’ stage pictures represent an unique document for understanding Tadeusz Kantor’s leading role in the cultural life of the twentieth century.

NEWS Biographical
Tadeusz Kantor was born in Wielopole, "a small town with a Market Square and few
Dingy alley ", 6 April 1915.
He attended studies of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where, with the Club of
Students, organizes single representation of puppet theater inspired by The Death of
Tintagiles, by Maurice Maeterlinck, and graduated in 1939. Among His teachers include
Andrzej Pronaszko, One of the greatest exponents of European Constructivism, and Gordon Craig,
And he tied to the memory of Which, during the war, The Fact of finding a manufacturing dolls.
IN THE year of the German occupation in Krakow form the group with which the Teatro Clandestino
Enacts Balladyna of Słowacki and The Return of Ulysses S. Wyspiański dove compare
for the first time the idea of ​​the object poor "Most of the low-ranking". START the activities set designer,
Which will run up to 1963.
And in 1947 in France with a scholarship and the year following, Palak Sztuki in Krakow,
organizes the First Exhibition of Modern Art of Poland after the war. There Exposes His
Paintings metaphorical.
In 1950 he Collects for four years from the official artistic life. In 1955 he founded with Maria Jarema
the "Teatro Cricot 2" and together produce The octopus of Witkiewicz (1956), The Circus of Mikulski
(1957) which compare the first "Ambalaź".
IN years Sessantta organizes numerous exhibitions Personal (Paris, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, New
York, Baden Baden, Nuremberg) and participates in the International Exhibition in Kassel,
Venice, Prague, Darmstadt, Pittsburg, Essen. With the Teatro Cricot 2 Presents The Shows
inspired by Witkiewicz: In small residence, The Madman and the Nun, The Moorhen Aquatic.
Wrote the Manifesto of the Theatre Informel that They Followed the Manifesto of the Zero Theatre, the
Manifesto Ambalaź and text Meeting with Rhinoceros Dürer, What a wonderful thing the dress,
Theater happening or theater events.
The first happening, Cricotage, takes place at a Warsaw Foksal Gallery. Follow The Great
Packaging, the letter, the panoramic sea Happening, The Anatomy Lesson According
Remdrandt, Teatro impossible. He won first prize at the IX Biennial of Sao Paulo
Brazil and the Marzotto Prize. In 1968 participates All'Incontro International Vela Luka, in
Yugoslavia, where he met Achille Perilli What Invite him the following year in Rome for the Festival
Rome Prize at the National Gallery of Modern Art. The hen has aquatic.
IN the seventies, the commitment to the visual arts proceeds parallel to the theater.
He participates in international exhibitions in Kassel, Dublin, Cologne and the symposium of plastic arts
"Wroclaw '70" (with the project of the giant chair in concrete, then materialized in a
wooden monument 14 meters high in Oslo), organized at the Gallery Foksal Multipart, I PROJECTS
Impossible, The packaging concept and Installation cambriolage, published the Manifesto 70,
creates a Dourdan the happening The laundry and Paris, with French actors, the piéce The Cobblers of
Witkiewicz. In January 1975 began the show of The Dead Class, wrote the manifesto Theatre
Death and The Little Manifesto. The Dead Class receives a New York Critics Award
OBIE. In 1979, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, it presents the cricotage Où sont les
Snows of yesteryear and opens the exhibition The Polish avant-garde 1910-1978. The works of T. Kantor.
The Painters of Cricot. Theatre Cricot 2.
In Florence, the former church of Santa Maria, Start the atelier of the Theater 2 What Cricot
The seminar includes a show and Create a New. Born in 1980, in
contemporary, a Krakow and Florence, Le Due Cricoteke, Documentation Centres of Cricot
2. On 23 June 1980, the Cricot 2 presents in Florence, with the participation of Italian actors,
Wielopole Wielopole-.
IN subsequent years, In addition to the Personal Art in Paris, where he published the text Un lieu précis, and
Avignon, Join the XL Venice Biennale. The Centre Pompidou dedicates Geoirges A
shows at the Teatro Cricot 2 and organizes Presence Polonaise, within Which sets up the
School class - the work closed. Cricot 2 debuts in Nuremberg with Crepin Artists (A
German-Polish co-production). In Milan, the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts Paolo
Fat, conduct a seminar so that the show will conclude with a marriage and drafting
Lessons Milan published in 1988. Al Teatro Petruzzelli the conference venue
International studies Dedicated To His Creation The wait is very important.
In 1987 he created the cricotage Machine of Love and Death, presented a Kassel, Milan,
Reggio Emilia and Palermo. The International Puppet Museum The exhibition devotes
Tadeusz Kantor. Objects and theatrical machines.
In 1988, in Milan, before World Here will not go back more. The Theatre of Chaillot Paris
It held the Festival of Cricot 2, The retour. Théâtre de l'amour et de la mort; the Centre Pompidou,
Tadeusz Kantor, painter, auter, homme de théâtre: Ses resonances à la fin du XX siècle.
In 1990, continuing the show in Krakow, started in Toulouse, show the Last Time is now
My birthday.
He dies, At the last trial, on December 8, 1990.

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